Sunlight Acupuncture and Wellness practices individualized care for everyone, for people with health challenges as well as people with wellness goals. Our healing techniques are always holistic and they are integrated with a variety of individualized treatments.

Individualized care is vital to our health needs as people and it’s the reason holistic medicine is so successful. Jude listens for ways that clients can take control of their health and encourages clients to become educated about their health. Empowered people reaching their personal health goals is the central focus at Sunlight Acupuncture.

 In the first session we go through a full and complete health history to reach your individual goals. This session usually lasts two hours and includes acupuncture, if desired. Follow-up sessions usually last about an hour. If you’re planning to receive acupuncture it’s a good idea to wear loose and comfortable clothing and to arrive after having a light meal or snack.Discover the most effective way to become a healthier you. Call 307-277-6781 now to book your wellness consultation.

Comprehensive Wellness Plans


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